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I was brought up by my Grandmother and my father. I have grown up knowing what it is like to live without both parents by my side.

You grow up and decide that what ever happens you will make sure that you will do the best for your children and they will grow up with everything you did not have whilst growing up. So now the time has come where i give my beautiful daughter , who is 4, everything i was deprived of.

Back in 2008 i married Zahras dad, an amazing man who gave me hope that there are decent people out there in this world. He has supported me through everything. After i fell pregnant with our child i came back to the UK inorder to recieve better treatment and settle down inorder to sponsor my husband. In august 2008 a new law was passed. Both sponsors must be aged 21. I was gutted, I had to wait for 2 years before I could apply.

After waiting 2 years a new law had passed... The English Language Test. I just thought 'what is happening'. I felt i was just catching up with each new law. Last year the age limit has gone back to 18. Hearing this made me so angry, they made me wait 2 years for nothing if that law had not passed my husband would be here supporting me through life and most of all watch his daughter grow up.

My husband is losing out on watching his daughter grow up. It has been 5 years now and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!!!!! As British born citizens it is my human right that I live a normal life with my husband and it is my daughters human right to have access to her father.

Why should a little girl be deprived of her father? A girls father is one of the most influencial people in her life from the day she is born. A father plays a big impact in the development and self confidence in his child.

Why should my daughter be denied of her right of having access to her father and why should I, as his wife be denied of my right for being with my husband due to the immigration laws?

Please sign this petition to show you support my cause. Mine and my daughters human rights have been breached and the British Embassy need to let us be together as a family!

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