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Ohio child support receiptants
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In the state of Ohio if a custodial parent takes on a second job to help make ends meet, because the other parent is not paying their support as ordered, they are punished by having that income added to their primary job's yearly totals thus giving the appearance that the parent is earning more at their job.

Without taking in to account that they are taking time away from their family and children to earn it. The parent who took on the second job is punished when it comes to figuring out how much child support is to be paid.

As well in the State of Ohio each county makes their own penalties for failure to pay child support. It is up to the judge of the case to administer the fine and/or jail time without any state guidelines to have to follow.

We, the undersigned, call on the legislature in the State of Ohio to standardize penalties across the state, and to eliminate the "second job" penalty from the equation when figuring the total support order.

We want the support order to be based on the primary job that each parent reports to the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services (ODJFS), any other income that is earned by the custodial parent for the betterment of the child should not have any bearing on the case.

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