SD Members

This petition is to the Neopets Staff.->

One of my good friends Steph (cutieazngurl906) got her account frozen for an invalid reason! Neopets states->

-NoPosting any offensive or sexual messages, including while role-playing as your pets. Asking for mates as in friends is ok, talking about mating is not!
-No Advertising cheats
-NoNeo-sitting or any other scam used to get people's passwords
-No Promoting paid advertising for any other Web sites
-No Asking for passwords - Neopets will NEVER ask for your password
-No Advertising fake log-in pages

She did not do any of this! She simply posted "My mother died:(...APRIL FOOLS!" on the chat boards and got frozen right after that. I think this is wrong because she DID NOT break any of the rules, and she DID NOT even get a warning about what she did! I thought that was rude and unfair. If posting that message was not the reason she got frozen, you can still at least neomail her and tell her what she did wrong. She is a polite, and a very friendly Neoplayer who would never break a rule for fun purposes. I plee you unfreeze her, or tell her what she did!

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