**UPDATE! It has been months now since Rt_Charli was banned. Twitch still has not responded to her with why she was banned or her appeal of the ban. This is completely unprofessional and I for one am confused as to why they are failing to respond to her at all. Please keep this petition going until this is resolved!**

Approximately 3 weeks ago twitch banned Rt_Carli, and by every stretch of the imagination there is no way she intentionally broke any twitch rules. She has attempted over these past few weeks to contact twitch and get this resolved only to continue receiving automated messages. She never receives a human response, with the exception of a twitch staff member responding on twitter for her to file a dispute. That still resulted in getting an automated response.

We all understand twitch can be a quite busy place and many things are done by automation but at some point human intervention becomes necessary and three weeks for that response seems to be ridiculous. Rt_Charli is part of a community in twitch, this is what your business intended by offering this service, as such we build bonds and concern for one another. When you ban a member of a particular community it causes a ripple, and unintentional consequence for the action. It causes anger, outrage, and it is directed at twitch for not addressing the situation.

Rt_Charli literally has no idea what she has done to be banned and twitch continues not to respond to shed any light on the subject. Meanwhile her friends grow angrier. With other many and more streaming services coming to be, I would think public relations and customer service would be something that twitch would want to be a distinction, after all Amazon prides itself on it's customer service, I'd expect twitch to somewhat model it's parent.

We, as a community, implore you to take notice of the situation and rectify it as soon as possible. We ultimately wish to see Rt_Charli unbanned as we all believe she could not have possibly broken a rule intentionally let alone if that rule warrants an indefinite ban. Please respond so we can resolve this and get back to the business of streaming and having fun.

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