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On Thursday the 9th of Feruary the Imp we all know and love (#1557902) was banned. She has had no explanation, or warning, and is this month's arab president, she hardly got there by being rude or unpopular. She has been a loyal player for 8 years, and has shown exemplary kindness and generosity throught. She has provided free pictures, free layouts, free training, and guided newbies, I myself was one.

I myself can vouch for her behaviour, and I'm sure there are many others who may do so also. I do not know how she came to be banned only that she does not deserve to be. Whatever she did, there are a million and one things that cancel it out. This petition isn't trying to force anything, just to show how many people appreciate her.

- .epiphany. #1045970

Can you vouch for Imp's behaviour? Her character, her gifts? She always brings a smile to my face. We, the undersigned, say Unban Imp....

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The Unban Imp.... petition to Horseland was written by Joanna Poole and is in the category Gaming at GoPetition.

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