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Egil Skallagrimson is a popular and well known user of the website Kuro5hin.org. Recently he was anonymized for simply carrying out a mischievous series of diaries, comment ratings, and story submissions. We believe that this action by the administration is unjust and unwarranted. We therefore call for a reversal of this action.

Furthermore we proceed in confidence that we can achieve our goal. Michael Crawford was anonymized and after a community outcry the decision was reversed. Our dearly beloved Egil Skallagrimson deserves a second chance.

We, the undersigned, call on the administration of Kuro5hin.org to reverse their decision to anonymize Egil Skallagrimson and to reinstate his account.

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The Unanonymize Egil Skallagrimson petition to Kuro5hin.org was written by Garry Murray and is in the category Forums at GoPetition.