#Students' Rights
UMass Lowell Residents
United States of America

The UMass Lowell dining policies are in need of large reform. A recent survey
conducted revealed that students living on campus waste anywhere between
$20 to even $45 dollars every week from their meal plans.

Students with full time jobs are often reduced to one meal a day because
multiple entries are not permitted. The guidelines listed below are the collected
demands of residents of UMass Lowell.


We, The students of UMass Lowell, demand a reform in Campus Dining policy.
The current policy does not allow students to take full advantage of their meal
plan, causing 70% of students to miss on average 4 to 9 meals a week.

1.We demand a new meal plan of all Riverhawk Dollars is created.

2. We demand 15 guest entries included with our meal plan.

3. We demand a reform in the structure of meal usage. Meals are to be on a
semester basis ONLY. There are no limitations per day. A student may consume
unlimited amount of their total meals in one day. The following meal plans are
structured as we intend.

*The Value Dining Plan. Includes 224 meals per semester, $400 Riverhawk
dollars and 15 Guest entry meals. $1492.04/semester
*The Standard Dining Plan. Includes 170 meals per semester, $600 Riverhawk
dollars and 15 Guest entry meals. $1496.50/semester
*The Special Dining Plan. Includes 112 meals per semester, $800 Riverhawk
dollars and 15 Guest entry meals. $1434.04/semester
*The Points Plan. Includes 1400 Riverhawk dollars which may be used at Retail
and Dining locations. $999/semester

4. We demand Dining on-the-run. A station setup to provide portable food for
students on a strenuous schedule.

5. We demand full service from dining halls until 10PM Mon-Thurs. Full service
Friday until 9PM.

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