NATO, ONU, European Parliament, European Comission

Dear Leaders who can make a change in Ukraine ,

We ask you not to turn your back to the people of Ukraine in these moments when they need help most.
The protests started in Kiev because the people were not satisfied with the way their country was ruled.

The Ukrainians demonstrated deep discontent with the government led by Yanukovich, and corruption within the state administration. After three months of protests, violence and dozens of deaths, it is clear that there is the necessity for change in the way the conflict is developing. The establishment of a government which was not elected, cannot be the solution; a democratic election should be organised as soon as possible.

Moreover, the risk of a civil war is higher over time, while Russian occupation of a part of the country poses the threat of an international conflict.

Military intervention shall not be a solution to Ukraine’s problems. Russian military intervention in Crimea is contrary to the principles of international law and threatens Ukraine’s sovereignty. International support is reasonable. However, interference in internal political affairs is not acceptable.

On the other hand, the international community shall protect human rights and condemn violations of international law, which could be observed during the repression of protests by the government and security forces.

For these reasons, we call for international support for the democratic development of the state in accordance with the will of the Ukrainian people, avoiding military intervention and promoting negotiation among the parties in order to achieve a pacific resolution.

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