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Theresa May
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How deep are the values of love and marriage between two people, in the United Kingdom who have made their lives together for more than 20 years in another Country? Do they still need proof that their marriage is genuine?
If someone gets married to a UK Citizen in another country, because they love each other, and after years being together they decide to move to the U K, will they still be excepted as man and wife, or are the relationship between them meant to be broken, all their vows null and void. Are they then not legally married?
How can that person feel welcome? How can they ever feel part of a Country if that Country does not accept the holy situation of marriage?

UK immigration makes it very hard for someone to bring their non-EU family to the UK to be part of their lives. Often they must come to the UK, on their own find employment with a substantial wage and prove they can afford to support their family on their own. Today no one can afford to look after the family on their own, they need each other. To be able to do that, they have to pay a lot of money to ask permission for their family to be allowed to live with them. But no one actually knows or realize this until they need to come with their spouse to the UK. Then it is too late not to fall in love and give them the best years of your life.
Does this mean the none UK Citizen must be warned at the altar, not to get married to a UK Citizen, if they do not want their hearts broken in pieces in later years...?

It is so unfair that they have to buy their husband or wives love, and acceptance to his Country. After selling everything they had in the other Country to pay for the flight to the UK. being shocked to find out when they went to the visa office that they are not really welcome in the UK as a partner, and can't have a visa or passport. They must stay behind and apply to be able to be with his or her partner in the UK. They are told at the visa offices .. even if they are legally married to a UK Citizen for so long, it does not matter, the UK will not accept their marriage. To leave the partner behind is one of the most difficult things that person has ever done. But with no other choice, they have to rely on their friends and family to see them through, until they leave to go to the UK. Leaving with a heavy heart that they do not feel as if they will be welcome in that Country. So unsure of their future....why?

There is a vow when two people get married that they have to take namely, till death do us part. Yet, in the U.K, that vow is broken so easily if the one person is from another Country.
I can't understand why there is no consideration for a couple who are legally married who wants to be together.... for life... until death do them partly because a Country does not recognize a legal marriage between them.
Even if that person move to the UK when their visa is approved and they work and contribute to the Country for 5 years, living with the UK partner. They are still not recognized as a married couple until they pay a considerate amount of money and have to go through a lot to proof that they are a couple, just to be able to be his or her partner that they love.

Then there are the couples who have children. UK Citizen's children. How do they fit into their lives? Eventually, those children will be part of England, but now feel rejected. Children that could have contributed so much to this Country, if they were given a chance.

We urge the UK to start recognizing legal marriages between two people who gets married to a UK citizen in another Country.

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