Ugandans living/studying/working or travelling abroad are not allowed to vote in the general elections. According to Article 76, Uganda Constitution(1995) "Parliament may, subject to the provisions of this Constitution, enact laws as may be necessary for the purposes of this chapter, including laws for the registration of voters, the conducting of public elections and referenda and where necessary, making provision for voting by proxy". It is illegal for the Government and the Electoral Commission to withhold the voting rights of citizens abroad by not setting up voting stations in countries with numerous Ugandans like England, United States of America, Canada, Australia, Denmark, Sweden, South Africa etc. It certainly conflicts with their right to vote and may also conflict with the Electoral Act 1997.

The only solution is for us to gather as much support as possible here in Uganda and abroad by Ugandan citizens. We will then approach the relevant authorities and urge Parliament to make provisions for Ugandan citizens abroad to register and vote at embassies.

The legal basis of conducting voter registration in Uganda is Article 59(1) of the Constitution of Uganda (1995) which states that:- " It is the duty of every citizen of Uganda of eighteen years of age and above to register as a voter for public elections and referenda".

Article 59(3) states that:- "The state shall take all necessary steps to ensure that all citizens qualified to vote register and exercise their right to vote."

According to section 19(1) of the Electoral Commission Act (1997), a person aged at least 18yrs and he/she is a citizen of Uganda, may register as a voter in a parish where he/she originates from or resides. Which means voting is a Constitutional right thus I don't see why Ugandans studying/working/traveling/living abroad must be denied their right to vote.

I, a Ugandan citizen working/visiting/studying/living abroad, demand that my right to participate in the general elections of 2011 in Uganda, as is guaranteed in Article 59 of the Uganda constitution (1995), should be respected and upheld, in order that i may vote in 2011.

The reason why and the time that i have been living abroad, is of no consequence, as I am a Ugandan citizen and the constitution specifies that, that is the only condition for the right to vote.

I Herewith, request 'UGANDANS LIVING ABROAD SHOULD BE ALLOWED TO VOTE' to use this petition in order to lobby for the right of Ugandans working/studying/visiting/living abroad to vote at their local embassies.

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