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The struggle for a diveristy requirement is entering its 18th year and needs your support for its completion, please electronically sign and participate in this weeks' events. Remember the diversity requirement will not increase student workload and the implementation of which will make UCLA no longer the only UC campus without some form of a diversity requirement.

WE, the undersigned faculty, staff, members of the UCLA community are in full support of the utmost expedient implementation of the diversity requirement here at UCLA. Such a requirement would enrich the education of our undergraduates befitting of this institution. We support the faculty proposal for a diversity requirement passed by the Undergraduate Council, the L&S Faculty Executive Committee as well as the GE Governance Committee in the academic year of 2003.

The necessary steps should be taken as soon as possible in order to instate a diversity requirement that will:
§ Include a one course requirement as stated in the faculty proposal
§ Not increase the workload of students under the current general education requirements
§ Be relevant to current social and political issues

Let it be resolved that we, are fully committed to support the implementation of the faculty proposed diversity requirement at UCLA as soon as possible.

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