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In clash royale, you only have the ability to change your name once, but that often times leaves people hating their names and unable to change them. I have gone through this, and so have my friends. It's annoying, and overall there just isn't enough reasons to leave it that way. Making it possible to change your name twice could give players the opportunity to find the name that's right for them and not be embarrassed. I recommend having he second name change at arena 8, as that's when you can start becoming recognizable, and it's important to have a name that fits you. Supercell, the creators of the game, did the same thing in another one of their games, which got the same response, but nothing was ever done.

Hello, my name is Jack, and I'm requesting that supercell, a gaming company, should allow two name changes in their relatively new game clash royale. In the game, you have the ability to change your name once, in arena 4. After that, however, you are stuck with what you have. I have a name I dislike, and so do a few of my friends, and now we're stuck with them. I have requested to change mine, but I was denied, and I'm upset about it. I think (and my friends agree,) that you should be able to recharge your name at arena 8. Once you are a prominent figure in the game, it's annoying to have an embarrassing name. Having the ability to change it just once more would help players feel happy and proud in the game, instead of uncomfortable. One more change would without a doubt change the game in a positive way.

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