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We want to get Twisted Carni Posse on Psychopathic Records...

Who are T.C.P?
Deep from the slums of Metro Detroit enters the Twisted Carni Posse, a pack of the most downest Rap Ninjas that myspace has ever seen. Compiled of Fizikill, I Stab People, Dub Dub, and Beverly Killz, these four "Carni Laughing" homies intend to take the world by storm while spreading "Famalo" love in the process. With the release of their 17 minute long debut E.P., "Flavors Of Flavor", only time will tell if these "Faygolistic" players shall have their Moon Mist and spray it to. Whether its practicingc. their "Mecca Lecca Hi" or working rotating shifts at the local Mcdonalds...T.C.P, via voodoo or dead end jobs, plan to support their efforts of flavor spreading by any means necessary.

In a day and age where being a fan just isnt enough, T.C.P. is a breath of freshness. If you aint down with that then you "Aint No Ninja".

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