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A planning application has been submitted by Cres Biogas Ltd to alter the use of the MoD fuel tanks between Goostrey and Twemlow into an Anaerobic Digester (AD)/Combined Heat and Power facility. Twemlow and Goostrey no to waste plant (TAG)are committed to fighting this application to protect the health and well-being of residents.

AD is a profitable process that converts huge volumes of food waste, slurry, poultry manure, silage, grass and maize into electricity. This has green credentials and, on the surface, you might think the scheme has merit.

However, in practice, all is not good… not good at all. Having studied the formal planning application in minute detail, what lies beneath the surface of this is an industrial scale waste operation that will see Goostrey,Twemlow & Holmes Chapel area experiencing:

• Country lanes with 7.5 Tonne weight limits in our area clogged with 60-80 extra vehicle movements a day –by lorries and tankers up to 25 tonnes in weight.
• More farm traffic to the site from within a 6 mile radius
• Lots more displaced traffic passing through Goostrey
• Appalling smells from rotting food, poultry manure and slurry
• Generators producing noise all day and night.
• Floodlight son all night, but no security, in case of accidents.
• Gas flares from the 12 m high stack –emitting who knows what into the environment.
• Vermin and flies.
• Health risks.
• Air pollution.
• Potential fire risks from the plant.
• Danger to motorists, cyclists and pedestrians, especially children.
• The spoiling of a peaceful, rural community and landscape.
• Devaluation of our homes.

TAG is not against Anaerobic Digestion but plants of this size are normally away from housing. This one would be just too close to where we all live, abutting the nearest house and under a 800m from Goostrey school.

TAGnotowasteplant is a non-political group.

I/we as a supporter of the Twemlow And Goostrey notowasteplant campaign, object to the building of an Anaerobic Digestion facility on Twemlow Lane, Twemlow, and urge you, our elected representatives, to do everything in your power to ensure that planning permission is not granted for this application, which would spoil our environment in Goostrey, Holmes Chapel, Twemlow and Cranage.

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