Saving schools, small classes, librarians and counselors
United States of America

Tucson Unified School Supporters, a coalition of community members and TUSD
parents, is concerned the district’s budget crisis could mean an end to the
following programs we value:

• Small schools - TUSD is proposing closing four schools, some because they
are too small and/or under-enrolled. The district is adopting an anti-small school
philosophy because small schools don’t break even financially, yet we have
many high-performing, very successful small schools in TUSD. While school
closures may be necessary, the district has used a flawed process and not given
parents at the targeted schools enough time or information to make informed
school choice decisions for the coming school year.

• Small classes - TUSD would end small class sizes in first grade in the 2008-
2009 school year and increase kindergarten to 24 children in a class. Class
sizes in other grades would also increase because of budget constraints.

• Librarians and/or counselors: Elementary schools would have to decide
whether to have a librarian or counselor; they could not have both.

As a coalition, we call upon TUSD to explore other budget-cutting or money-
raising ideas that preserve successful schools and these programs, which have
been shown to improve students’ academic achievement.

We plan to work with the district and provide support in identifying and
advocating for cost-saving measures that will not harm our children.

We, the undersigned, value small schools, small class sizes, librarians and
counselors and the Opening Minds Through the Arts program.

We call upon Tucson Unified School District to find ways to reduce the projected
budget deficit without targeting these schools and programs.

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