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This letter is put forward for scientists from across the U.S. to sign. We are deeply concerned about the possible appointment of a climate change skeptic to the head of the Environmental Protection Agency. We urge President Elect Donald Trump to appoint a qualified scientist to lead the Environmental Protection Agency. Please indicate your workplace in your signature and your degree level.

An Open Letter to Our President Elect

Dear Mr. Trump,

We are writing to you as citizens, scientists, and above all as fellow parents and grandparents who are deeply concerned about the proposed appointment of Myron Ebell as head of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Let’s examine what we know about climate change today.

Climate change is real, and people are the main cause through their use of petroleum, coal and natural gas as well as cutting down of forests. The vast majority of scientists across the world agree on this fact. Denying climate change is not accepted science.

People throughout our country and the globe have already experienced impacts of climate change including intense droughts and heat waves, sea rise and resulting coastal damage, increased wildfires and record-breaking floods. If we do not reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, we will see devastating impacts, including economic devastation, forest loss, and greater economic and political instability globally as people are affected by drought, flooding, heat waves, sea level rise and wildfires. The poor, sick and elderly will be particularly affected from increased air pollution, viral disease and heat waves. The number of people fleeing their own countries as a result of these impacts—climate refugees—will increase, too.

Mr. Ebell has promised to cancel the Clean Air Act. To do so will have dramatic impacts on people’s health. The Clean Air Act has reduced air pollution significantly since its inception in 1970 and had positive impacts on people’s health, including those with asthma and allergies. Clean Air Act regulations have resulted in technological solutions to reduce pollution from power plants, factories and cars that have generated jobs and economic growth in many industries.

As part of your election campaign, your energy plan states that you want to “protect clean air and clean water,” and you promised that “We will conserve our natural habitats, reserves and resources.” Myron Ebell has clearly stated that he is skeptical of climate change and that he does not support the Clean Air Act. We urge you to appoint a person who is a qualified scientist to be the head of the Environmental Protection Agency who can truly meet these goals of clean air, clean water and protection of our natural world.

We are at a critical juncture. Time is urgent; the rate of climate change is much faster than models have predicted, and we have no time to waste. Maintaining a planet that can support human life and that can sustain our children and grandchildren depends on our actions now, and you play a crucial role.

We are counting on your promise to truly make America great. We want to pass a great nation on to future generations, and that means one that has clean air and a safe environment to live in.


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