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Deparmet of Sustainability and Environment, Melbourne City Council and Victorian Government

A 30 storey development on 8-10 Kavanagh street was awarded a planning permit from the department of planning and a construction permit from Melbourne City Council.

There are serious concerns regarding the safety and living standards of TRYPTICH neighbouring residents. I believe that there are fundamental planning, engineering and social issues with this development that makes it mistakenly located and completely undermines the neighbouring environment. The new development impose a very high risk to the surrounding businesses and residential buildings in regards to noise pollution, wind vortex effects, new foundation in vicinity of existing buildings, Earthquake, fire and explosion spread, construction incidents and interruptions.

Construction is also to disturb the living standard of neighbouring residents and operation of two service apartments and other businesses (operation may need to suspend for sometimes).

Demolition activities have resulted in constant disruptions to neighbouring residents due to higher than acceptable noise levels over the past week. The noise pollution was reported, and authorities mobilised to site, however no actions eventuated.

TRIPTYCH Development:

Neighbouring residents, businesses and involved parties oppose the proposed development for the following reasons:

1. Violation of Safety/perception of safety.

-By increasing risk of fire

-By increasing risk of damage from an earthquake

-By increasing risk of damage to neighbouring building due to extremely close construction work

- and by increasing risk of damage to the existing building due to foundation interactions between two buildings

2. Violation of living standards of neighbouring residents.

- By blocking the natural light

- By constant distracting noise from wind tunnel effects which may cause sleepless nights

- By distracting residents due to construction work and noise pollution until the end of 2010

- By blocking access to the parking area due to construction works

- By increasing traffic on a narrow street at the rear of the building by adding to the number of users

- and by making Fanning La. a killing pass-way due to dropping objects form a new development (as the building is not set back from the street)

3. Violation of environmental sustainability.

- By Blocking natural light to neighbouring buildings and thus increasing electricity usage

- By increasing the driving distance, traffic and usage of petrol and cars

- Or by increasing the maintenance and cleaning activities in neighbouring buildings

4. Prevention of following possibilities.

- Damage to the existing buildings and increase in cost of maintenance for neighbouring buildings

- Human casualties

- Stress related problems for neighbouring residents and cost of required treatments

- Impact to hotel apartment operation and chance of licence cancellation.

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