#Students' Rights
Trinity Grammar School Summer Hill

It is socially unfair that compared to most schools in NSW, students of Trinity Grammar School Summer Hill are expected to finish at 3:40pm on most school days only to be committed to sports and co curricular on other days that not only consume leisure and study time but also acts upon as a nuisance for transportation due to extended hours.

The forty minutes that is used for tutor periods is far from productive in some circumstances since it can consist of minimal positive interaction and can instead promote misbehaviour. Life, social and relationship problems seen as vital lessons in tutor periods can be identified less useful especially to senior students who have greater experience from earlier lessons and knowledge, therefore should be allocated to a certain day, a period no more than once a month in the latest to discuss these issues.

Through removal of tutor period, not only could we reduce school hours but realistically extend expected study time per week which is suggested by the school to be at least twenty hours, being more beneficial.

We, the students, supporter and undersigned of Trinity Grammar School Summer Hill call it upon the school or any other committee to eliminate or move tutor period so that school hours can finish by at least 3:00pm on some days or find other means in which to reduce school hours.

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