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In September 2011, the Palestinian Authority - which has recently merged and reconciled with the terrorist group, Hamas - plans to seek unilateral recognition of a Palestinian State based on the 1949 Armistice Lines at the United Nations.

Such a unilateral declaration of Palestinian statehood based on these borders will render Israel defenseless against the possibility of future conflicts with its Arab neighbors. Additionally, such a declaration of statehood and possible recognition by the United Nations will contradict the Oslo Accords, to which both Israel and the Palestinian Authority are bound.

The only way to establish a durable, secure peace between Israel and the Palestinian Authority - and thus be the basis for the legitimate formation of a Palestinian State - is through direct bilateral negotiations between the leaders of Israel and the Palestinian Authority; where the issues of finalized borders, the recognition of Israel as the Jewish State, security, Palestinian refugees and the status of Jerusalem will be resolved.

To ignore the peace process and unilaterally declare a Palestinian State would prolong the conflict and exacerbate and lend credence to hostilities.

Currently, Israel is seeking support from countries around the world to support the peace process and stop this ghastly resolution from being passed. Trinidad & Tobago has never taken an official position on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and has historically abstained from voting in any resolution at the United Nations General Assembly regarding this issue. However, with the new Peoples Partnership government in power, it is unclear whether Trinidad & Tobago will continue in this tradition, and so, this petition was started so that the foreign policy of abstaining will continue - or, if need be, Trinidad & Tobago should take the moral high-road and vote against any resolution at the United Nations General Assembly which recognizes the unilateral establishment of a Palestinian state outside of the peace process and negotiations.

Please note: This petition is not against the formation of a Palestinian state; rather, it is against the formation of a Palestinian state founded outside of the legally-binding peace process and outside of direct negotiations.

We, the undersigned, call on the government of Trinidad & Tobago to either vote against, or abstain from voting for, any move by the Palestinian Authority to unilaterally declare statehood in the United Nations General Assembly.

We also call on the government of Trinidad & Tobago to not recognize or establish ties with any Palestinian State which may be formed outside of the peace process as is outlined in the Oslo Accords.

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