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Whalley Range Tree Group Purpose

The Whalley Range Tree Group is an open forum for residents of Whalley Range aimed at ensuring that all those interested in understanding more about the Council Tree Management Plan have a forum to access all related documents and also to provide an opportunity for residents to share their views on the plan and provide voluntary support to facilitate aspects of the plan.

The Group whole-heartedly supports the “Manchester Tree Strategy” and welcomes the implementation of a Tree Management Plan in Whalley Range. The Group hopes to be able to work with the Council to enhance the level of consultation so that the aspiration expressed in the Manchester Tree Management Strategy “ the protection and effective management of trees requires a co-ordinated approach between all the different interested parties” can be fully realised.

"We, the undersigned, express our concern at the current phase of the “Whalley Range Tree Management Plan” which identifies a further 54 trees (19 in December 2010) for felling over the next four years. None of these trees have been classified as "diseased" or "dying" in the Council's circulated survey documentation.

We urge the Council to suspend the current felling operation, so as to allow a period of full consultation with local residents; to ensure that all options, other than felling, are exhausted in addressing the issues presented by trees classified as "over-large for situ"; to identify opportunities to phase the felling operation over a longer time scale and thus reduce the rate at which trees are removed; and to identify opportunities for advanced planting, thereby minimising the impact of tree felling on the street scape."

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