Griffith University

We ask that the University initiate proactive measures to ensure students have more options to study safely at home should they wish. COVID-19 does not care where mass gatherings take place and students have the right to choose to study off-campus during this time.

Currently, students have little choice to self-isolate given that compulsory in-person tutorials with attendance marks remain. Immunocompromised students have to make decisions for their own health but right now, they don’t have that luxury. Some classes require a medical certificate if a student wants to stay home but this is increasingly unworkable given the increased pressure on health services and the dwindling availability of doctor’s appointments.

With census date coming up on the 22nd, we need urgent study alternatives rolled out immediately. If not, we know that anxious students will drop out of their courses altogether for the sake of their health and staff will lose their income.

We, the undersigned, call upon Griffith University to prioritize transitioning concerned students to online classes and to work with schools to provide alternatives to in-person assessments and attendance.

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