#Students' Rights
Delft Municipality

Undoubtedly, the Technical University of Delft is one of the most striking aspects of this small and quaint city, Delft. TU Delft, as it is known popularly, educates over 14,000 students each academic year, of which, over 1500 of these students are non-EU internationals, that are unable to speak Dutch.
Many of which might be learning the language, but are just not at the level yet to understand Train Station Announcements!
Not to mention the number of tourists that visit this beautiful city each year, accounting for over a million registered tourists!
Keeping this in mind, we at DISS (Delft International Student Society) have created this petition to be signed by all those who agree with us for the Delft Municipality to include English announcements at the Delft train station along with the already existing Dutch ones!
Thank you for your support!

We, DISS (Delft International Student Society) and the entire international student community of Delft, call on the Delft Municipality to include English announcements at the Delft Train Station along with the already present Dutch ones. An issue, which impacts the lives of thousands of international students residing in Delft and other nearby municipalities and pursuing their respective education

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