#Neighborhood Living
Newcastle city councel
United Kingdom

The road on Linnel Drive is at the bottom of a hill with a narrow bend cars and buses park on one side, Parking is most of the time a problem, which has be address to the local MP the council's, your move homes who own the green on the side of the parked vehicle's.

Traffic from the top of the hill come down at speed without slowing down if you trying to get to your car they just dive up on the pavement, My wife was hit last year putting are son in the car she was ok the driver did stop and said sorry, there have been vans coming down and hitting the wing mirrors.

What we want is the grass area to be made into parkin bays to take the vahicles of the road and to have traffic carming put in place on the road to reduce speed.

We, the residents of Linnel Drive, wish to have something done about the excessive speed of vehicles and the parking problems before there is a serious accident.

Fix traffic problems on Linnel drive!

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