#Roads & Transport
CDOT/City of Arvada
United States of America

As of right now there are 6 other intersections considered to be more important/dangerous, that are in need of traffic lights.

Arvada can only budget enough to put in 1 light per year. With this it would be 6 years before a light would be even considered to put up there.

A traffic light costs roughly $250,000 dollars to put up. If the city does not think it is priority, friends and family of the victims of this fatal crash do.

If everyone can donate as much as they can, I feel we can raise enough money by the end of this year to get the light put up on 62nd and Ward rd and finally take care of this problem that has been occurring for nearly 15 years now.

We, the undersigned, want a stoplight at the intersection of 62nd ave and Ward rd.

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