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Essex County Council Highways Department
United Kingdom

The Heath Road in Ramsden Heath, Essex, has become increasingly dangerous over the years, mostly due to the aggressive and careless driving of speeding motorists. Despite various attempts at traffic calming measures the problem continues to increase daily.

The Parish Council has put forward a request to Essex County Council's Highways department for 3 schemes to improve the safety of the Heath Road and the awareness of these speeding drivers. The schemes are as follows.

Firstly; that all sections of the Heath Road, within Ramsden Heath should be a speed limit of 30MPH, especially the now 40mph zone when entering the village from the Billericay direction.

Secondly; that adequate signs are put along the Heath Road to make motorists aware that they are entering a village, there are children playing, sections with no pavement, concealed entrances and that it is 30mph!

Thirdly, a flashing speed sign that tells motorists the speed they are doing and asking them to slow down.

We, the undersigned, call on Essex County Council Highways Department to quickly put into effect the schemes suggested by South Hanningfield Parish Council for traffic calming measures along the Heath Road in Ramsden Heath.

Please reduce the speed limit to 30mph along the Heath Road, within Ramsden Heath. Please provide a significant improvement in signage along the Heath Road, informing drivers of the speed limit, children playing, concealed entrances and lack of pavement.

Finally please install (at the Billericay end of the village) a flashing speed sign that tells drivers the speed at which they are traveling and requests speeding drivers to slow down.

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