#Roads & Transport
North Norfolk Council
United Kingdom

Every year for the last seven years there has been a major Car Accident on the corner of Vicarage Street and North Street.

This month yet another car crashed into the store room of the Cockerel Restaurant causing tens of thousands of pounds woth of damage.

Thankfully this time no one was hurt but we must act to stop a badly designed road layout and camber from causing anymore accidents which will lead I have no doubt to a death of a driver or pedestrian, it is only a matter of time

I, the undersigned, am very concerned about the speed of vehicles on Vicarage Street and North Street in North Walsham.

I believe that appropriate action should be taken to assess the extent of the problem and to resource appropriate traffic calming measures to prevent injury and/or the loss of life and further damage to property on these roads.

I would also request that the Police become more proactive in monitoring traffic to effect prosecution of speeding drivers, and that they liaise with the local authority to consider an appropriate response to this issue.

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