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Derrick Rose when drafted by the Chicago Bulls, was considered the "Franchise" of the Chicago Bulls. But Injuries, and his lack of motivation has kept the star player out for more games than he has played during his short career.

The Chicago Bulls have make the playoffs without his presence on the court, and Derrick Rose recent comments about "Staying Healthy" for the future has put the NBA Nation in a daze; questioning his Commitment. Fans around the world and more so from Chicago, are frustrated with the lack of commitment Rose seems to show when playing basketball for the Chicago Bulls.

The Chicago Bulls have succeeded fine without rose on the court, and they will continue to do so. Derrick Rose is a detraction, and more importantly, He is frustrating fans to a higher limit.

I now call on the Chicago Bulls front office to propose trade offers for Derrick Rose. Rose has been unable to stay healthy for the Chicago Bulls for 3 years now, and we as fans will only tolerate so much of it.

Coach Tom Thibodeau has done great with his team since he took over as Head Coach. And Trading Derrick Rose, will not hurt the Bulls, but it will improve the team, the Chemistry and the dedication.

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