The Heart of Henderson, Inc.
United States of America

For too long, some of the representatives of Henderson Town government have chosen to keep information from the citizens of our town. Recordings of town meetings have been discontinued and minutes of those meetings have been inaccurate, to the detriment of citizens.

Town Board members have voted on issues with which they clearly have conflicts of interest. Documents have been withheld from agencies and committees, making it nearly impossible for them to be able to carry out duties in a manner for the betterment of the citizens. This obstructionism is unacceptable.

After all, government is suppose to be working FOR the people, not for what a handful of covert individuals want.

To ensure fairness and governmental transparency, we require adherence by Town of Henderson government agents to the Henderson Code of Ethics and the New York State Open Meetings Law.

We insist that all boards, departments and representatives of the people of the Town of Henderson operate in an open manner and base decisions on what is best for residents of the entire community, be they permanent or seasonal.

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