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In Hawaii for a hit and run negligent homicide, you will only get ten years for killing your love one. And if you behave in prison you get out early. Child molester and people who do drugs or sell drugs get more time behind bars. My younger brother Lindsay kane was kill December 29, 2008 in waipahu from a hit and run driver by Siaosi Feleunga who had 3 DUI conviction and was drinking the time his truck hit lindsay who was on his harley, I can't prove that he was drinking that day. Because he ran and police took almost 3 weeks to arrest him. And he has one more hit and run case after my brother case.


Changing the law on Hit and Run to 10 years and $10,000 Fine and that goes to the victim. Hit and Run Negligent Homicide to 20 years and $10,000 Fine and that goes to the victim family. This will make anyone to think twice about running away from a accident. Render aid and save a life. It might be your loved one. And I don't want any family go thru what my family went thru.

Ten years for Killing a person on the hit and run is not right. Hit and Run leave your love one to die on the side of the road like road kill. Please sign my Petition and make a different. Only coward run.

Aloha Kimo Kane

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