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One Strike Your Out
United States of America

Yearly there are around 750,000 children reported missing in the US, that would be 2,000 a day. 75% of all abducted children are believed to be dead within 3-6 hours.

There 1-5 violent State prisoners ( 65,000 ) reported a victim under the age of 18, 8 out of 10 prisoners convicted of sexual assult had committed their crime against a victim under the age of 18.

Almost 10 percent were convicted of murder or manslaughter of a child;
Fifteen percent were convicted of forcible rape;
Fifty-seven percent were convicted of other types of sexual assault (statutory rape, lewd acts or forcible sodomy, etc.);
Approximately 10 percent had beaten or threatened their young victims;
About 30 percent reported attacks on more than one child;
Children younger than 18 were the victims in almost 20 percent of the violent crimes; and
More than half of the child victims were 12 or younger.

These are the stats from 1991. Can you imagine what it is today? Let's start giving back these children's rights.

In 1994 15 US States released 4,300 child molesters. In 1993 8% 0f 2,214 were rearrested within 3 years on a new rape charge. Compared to the 1% released for robbery or assault. These numbers are to high and somethings got to be done about it.

Protecting our children from these sick monsters is the utmost important thing we can do.

Changing these laws to a one strike your out will stop a convicted child molester or predator from doing it again. These kind of monsters are sick and there is no cure for what they do.

Releasing these monsters are putting our children at great risk , they will do it again and/or murder their victim next time.

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