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Im wanting to start a petition in honor of my brother who was killed by a drunk driver. After going back and fourth to court, I learned that a first time offender of drinking and driving that kills somebody, the minimum they could get is probation. Really, probation? I'm wanting to change these laws.

I'm wanting to change the drinking and driving laws, where a first time offender doesn't get a slap on the hand. If they were taken off the roads the very first time, think of how many lives would be saved, how many kids might of come home, how many parents would be here to watch there kids grow up.

Where if your caught drinking and driving you automatically get your license taken away. If they kill somebody it shouldn't be a misdemeanour. It should be felony death or second degree murder.

Please help me by signing this and passing it around so I can get as many signatures as possible.

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