#Human Rights
Voters in the South-East Region
United Kingdom

Since June, the British Tories have been joined at the hip in the European Parliament with the Polish Law & Justice Party - whose leader, Jaroslaw Kaczynski, says homosexuality would lead to ‘the downfall of civilisation’.

When his brother Lech, now President of Poland, was Mayor of Warsaw he actually banned Gay Pride marches in the capital. Tory MEPs, including four from the South-East, are now in a group led by Michal Kaminski, a founder member of the Kaczynskis’ party.

Britain has a long tradition of tolerance, and our Parliament has in recent years done much, with public support, to recognise and legislate for gay rights. We do not want our elected representatives in Europe associating themselves with a party that wholeheartedly opposes that agenda.

We believe the views of the Polish Law & Justice Party, particularly as regards gay rights, are so unacceptable that it was wrong for the British Conservative MEPs to join forces with them in the European Parliament.

We call on the Conservative MEPs for the South-East Region to withdraw from the European Conservatives & Reformists Group so long as the Polish Law & Justice Party remain members.

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