#Civil Rights
Toledo City Council
United States of America

Toledo City Council proposed Ordinance 271-17 TMC Sec 521.12 titled “Impeding Access to Health Care” puts the interests of two businesses above the constitutional right of individuals to free speech.

Regardless of personal beliefs, this is an issue of free speech. Sharing one’s views in the public domain without physically threatening or harming anyone is a constitutional right. Everyone is allowed to assemble peaceably and express their personal views.

Since there are current laws safeguarding a women’s access to an abortion (existing statute section 351.01(24) and 509.03 of the Toledo Municipal Code) and there is no history or documented evidence of any individual having their access blocked, obstructed or prevented from entering the abortion facility on West Sylvania Avenue or the Planned Parenthood on Jefferson Avenue, this proposed ordinance is unwarranted and erodes personal freedoms.

Please sign this petition to ask Toledo City Council to vote NO to proposed Ordinance 271-17 TMC Sec. 521.12 proposed and help maintain your right to Free Speech, Free Expression and Freedom of Assembly.

We, the undersigned, are asking Toledo City Council to vote NO on the proposed Ordinance 271-17 TMC Sec. 521.12 and to safeguard our civil rights of Free Speech, Free Express and Freedom of Assembly.

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