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Fallout 76 is a broken unfinished AAA Video game sold at 60 Dollars.
Bethesda should apologize for that and start to listen to the players to finally start again to make epic video games and not focusing on money.

The situation will continue to escalate if the players do not stop buying that abomination.

We want this game to be fixed asap and we want People like Todd Howard to stop destroying great studios like Bethesda or at least give the Fallout License away to some more capable Studio like Obsidian.

This is a petition to ask the resignation of Todd Howard from his privileged position at Bethesda Games Studios.

Threating gamers like money cows and releasing such a bad game after all the promises and lies of E3 is unacceptable!

Recycling fallout 4 with a pinch of Skyrim bugs and with the clear intent of making it a money whore battle royale in the future is a slap to the face of the millions of fans of the series and to everyone that supported this dying company, that like Blizzard and many others has only 1 goal. MONEY!! instead of dedicating themselves to create quality games.

This lack of love towards the players is an abomination that needs to end now!

If you are feeling the same please sign this petition.

Thank you for your attention

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