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The previous petition to have the Government and Health Department in the United Kingdom plus The MHRA UK look into the Transvaginal Mesh and Prolapse complications has been handed into 10 Downing Street 26 January 2012.

These Hospital Episode Statistics below are for England alone and do not include Northern Ireland Scotland or Wales.

They where received by Luciana Berger Labour Opposition Health Secretary in February 2014 from Norman Lamb Secretary of state for Health.

Since 2006 - until June 2013 One Hundred and eight thousand and seventeen implants for stress urinary incontinence and prolapse mesh have been implanted into women. Removal of transvaginal mesh and prolapse operations above from 2006-until 2013 is a Total of 4025.

Not one of these mesh removals which is major surgery have been recorded as adverse events to the MHRA.

This is because Surgeons are allowed to Voluntarily Report them to the MHRA.

The Medicine Health Regulator in The United Kingdom have up to now only 321 Mesh adverse incidents recorded from 2006-2011.

If surgeons were made to mandatory record complications and patients where also advised how to also record complications to the MHRA we would have transparency and would know the correct numbers.

They are the people in charge of allowing such devices onto the worlwide market without robust clinical trials.

The Medicine Health Regulator United Kingdom, The Department of Health and The Government of England are all as useless as a chocolate fireguard.

These people are not giving help to the women who are suffering with transvaginal mesh complications.

We are living in a third world country where governments and surgeons are not helping women with serious complications of transvaginal and prolapse mesh.

They should all hang their heads in shame.

The Medicine Health Regulator Authority are very slow in their approach at coming forward with help if any for the puiblic in general where medical devices are involved.

Where is the help when needed?

The Medicine Health Regulator 151 Buckingham Palace Road London needs to have an Independent Body to go in and have a complete overhaul of what exactly they are doing in preventing harm to the public when adverse incidents occur.

We need to have transparency when decisions that affect peoples well being and quality of life are being taken.

They are and still are too close to the Pharmaecutical companies when decisions being made about this mesh medical device that has been put on the worlwide market to destroy, mutilate and kill women.

The Pharmaceutical companies are reaping millions of pounds from these medical devices while people who have had the product transvaginal and prolapse inserted into their bodies by untrained surgeons are suffering serious complications and are in terrible pain.

There should be a National Register in place for all Medical Devices that come on to the worldwide market so that we can keep account of all adverse incidents that may occur and can be registered or recalled.

We don't need a European Commission to decide for us that we have to wait until 2017-2019 and maybe a register will be in place.

By that time at least 60,000 more women will have had this operation and many will end up disabled.

What we will have is one half of the nation being women disabled and in wheelchairs, while the other half, their husbands or partners will be pushing them around and caring for them.

Patients who are suffering serious injuries are having tremendous problems trying to seek help when complications occur because there are not enough competent surgeons in the expertise field of removing mesh from the bladder area.

The Medicine Health Regulator should not be passing Medical Devices to be implanted into peoples bodies without them first having robust clinical trials.

The MHRA UK reply back to me is that they will not recognise Hospital Statistics and that they will only record an adverse incident from the individual member of the public their carer or a Surgeon.

We will wait forever and a day for a Surgeon to report their own botched up surgery or one of their work mates.

Many members of the public do not know how to record an adverse incident/complication to The MHRA UK so the numbers will never increase in order for a Health Publication to be put out.

The MHRA UK, The Department of Health and The Government are Manipulating the figures of serious injuries caused by transvaginal and prolapse mesh surgery.

These people running The MHRA UK are in it for the money and could not careless about being a Public Watchdog they are to close to pharm and drug companies to make impartial decisions.

We really need to get rid of this department because they are doing what they like and any reports about transvaginal mesh and prolapse mesh is falling on deaf ears.

Please sign this petition to have The Medicine Health Regulator in The United Kingdom investigated by an Independently Authority in order to protect the public.

We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister and The Department of Health within The United Kingdom to have an Independent review into The Medicine Regulator Authority United Kingdom.

The Medicine Health Regulator United Kingdom should not be passing Transvaginal and Prolapse Mesh Medical Devices to be implanted into peoples bodies without them first having robust clinical trials.

The MHRA UK are a Toothless Watchdog who are in the pockets are The Pharm and Drug Companies.

We women have been used as Guinea Pigs big time.

Please stand up for your rights and be counted and have this useless Government Agency axed.

Please sign this petition.

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