For those who adores and loves David Archuleta

I really want David to be on Mizz, and I know that many other people want it too, so I’m not the only one. David deserves all this and I know he is really grateful to be this far, and so are the Archie’s and arch-angels as well as his family and friends.

He has changed so many people's life in different situations and just by looking at him or listening to his songs just makes you want to be a different person. For example me, I never thought I could be this person I am right now, and is all thanks to him! He has given everyone the meaning of music and like all these little things he does its just archuadorable.

We fans are really obsessed with David and we are trying our best to put him on Mizz and anything else, just name it and we put our blood and sweat on it- just like David has done in American Idol and still are! It will be so amazing to see David to be on Mizz, he really deserves it and we fans can never thank him for what he has done to us! But a huge step would to put him on the magazine and once we see him on there, we all are going to be so pleased and so is he going to be.

He is a great role model and clearly different from other teenagers. He has pushed me to do all this different things that I never thought I could do! I’m striving to do better in my studies, and I have never wanted to do that before, but after hearing his grades, it just gave me a kick in the back, and I have got really good grades now. He is so humble and down to earth and really deserves this.

I have never felt like this before to any celebrities, and he has a great personality, and when you once get to know him, you'll know what I mean.

In this petition, I want people from Archies, Arch-angels to the people who just adores David Archuleta, the runner up from American idol season 7.

As I am writing to Mizz, I need people to proove Mizz, that i am not the only one, and us Archies and Arch-angel are dying to have an article about him as well as posters.

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