#National Affairs
The Charity Commision for England and Wales
United Kingdom

The Phoenix Chief Advocates (Sara Payne, Shy Keenan & Fiona Crook) are a not-for-profit organisation that help victims and families of paedophile crimes.

They offer their services for free, and have also managed to change and introduce many laws to make the UK a safer place for our children.

After a long struggle they have managed to get set up a registered charity "The Phoenix Foundation" in order to raise funds for victim advocacy.

The Charity Commission has refused permission for them to run their charity on the grounds of "political conflicts of interests", and also that they could not be "paid trustees".

Therefore they (as it stands) are not allowed to be a part of their own charity due to these reasons, which is completely unacceptable as follows -

Child protection in the sense of Sarah's Law is not political - it is every childs right to feel and to be safe, and if they were to fall victim to abuse, it is their right to receive the correct counselling and treatment.

Sara, Shy & Fiona never wanted to be Paid Trustees, they applied to be unpaid trustees until funds needed were raised by them, then they would step down to take up the advocacy and support role.

We, the undersigned call on the The Charity Commission For England And Wales to allow Sara Payne, Shy Keenan and Fiona Crook, as Phoenix Chief Advocates, to take ownership and be able to run their "The Phoenix Foundation", registered charity No 1138097.

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