#Civil Rights
Executive Branch of goverment
United States of America

When our country was small we had town squares where we would have our public meetings. Our elected or appointed leaders could hear from us citizens
and create policy according to the will of the people. But now it has become impossible for our leaders to know whats the will of the people. Now it is driven by special interest groups and lobbyists. It's time we create a town square through the internet. After all how can our leaders know what the will of the people if theirs no communications between our leaders and its citizens.

I propose a website be set up that has a direct link to our president
1. the president can post bills and bill proposals and through google or Microsoft they can provide analytical data that can direct our leaders because now they can see the will of the people
2 the president can interface with the people letting us know who in congress or the senate that are opposing the will of the people.
3 All Americana can make suggestions to solve problems what a think tank all america
4 this website will put america citizens back in charge any public official that is opposing the will of the people will need to find a new job next election.

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