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1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men suffer domestic at some point, so you would think upon reporting the abuse to the police the victim would receive enough protection and justice to keep them same wouldn't you. In fact you would be wrong.

Many victims stay silent and never report the abuse for fear of lack of protection and the abuser becoming more abusive for being reported. Often they only from an abusive relationship is the flee residence often having to leave everything they know and any support for their own safety.

As a result of this total lack of protection many domestic abuse cases end in mortality. Time for change!

We the undersigned call on Justice secretary Chris Grayling to change the way in which domestic abuse cases are treated.

We call for:-

ALL forms of abuse whether physical, sexual, mental or emotional to be treated as a criminal offence and the offender to receive appropriate punishment, rather than the current warnings or worse still dismissal that many abusers receive.

For victims to be able to reside at their current address with proper protection they so need to remain safe from abuser;

For abusers to be removed from current residence and kept away from their victim, with abuser being made to move from current town, rather than victim being forced to flee for own safety.

For a new register to be formed which sees physical and/or sexual abusers having to sign.

For there to be somewhere that abusers can go regularly to prove that they are still in given town.

Time to end the relentless cycle of abuse and in some cases the subsequent mortalities!

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