#town negligence of parks, roads, education, and housing
town hall of North Bergen - Mayors Office
United States of America

10th st. Park was closed to the public due to algae mold everywhere and very un-kept grounds, breaking and cracking, to be a danger to anyone in the park.
Our streets that do belong to the town and are the mayor's responsibilities do not even get fixed ever. As a person in office with power, holding 2 positions, should have his home town as being one of the best. But, we actually are not in the top 10 of any category except having the highest paid mayor in NJ. We are in the bottom when it comes to schooling, being one of the worst in education, because our teachers and students are not well equipped to be successful. We the poeple, deserve more and expect more from our mayor. Greed, Power, Favors, and Nepotism has kept Nicholas J. Sacco in office/power for far too long. He creates 1 or 2 programs to improve the rec. center and maybe keep some of the youth sports parents happy, but there is about 86% of town left wondering why we are always forgotten. Sacco is also in Favor of a Power plant that will ruin lives. And irresponsible spending of funds and illegal spending of funds and grants from the state.

We the undersigned, are calling for the resignation of Mayor/Senator, to step down from either the mayor office, or resign from both offices being held. There has now been almost 30 years of chances to do right by the people of north bergen, as a whole. Not only a few people, which only builds division among the town, especially in schools. Nepotism and favors only build tension and division among students and faculty alike. This needs to end now. only 8,000 residents out of 38,000 registered voters of a town with 68,000 residents, show Nicholas J. Sacco support religiously every 4 years consistently too, (coincidence?,) i don't think so. IT's time someone else comes along to lead us into prosperity.

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