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How Energy Works:

An Explanation for energy, gravity, time, matter, force, Unified Field Theory, Theory of Everything, Simplified by Harley Borgais -(see www.freeornottobe.org or harleyborgais on Twitter or Harley Borgais on FaceBook for more or my work).

"All physics becomes reduced to geometry."
(Unified Field Theory Summary-H. Eckardt, L. Felker).

The following theoretical explanations of the mechanics of energy are derived from my studies including the works of the following scientists…
James Clerk Maxwell, Nikola Tesla, Walter Russel, Howard Johnson, Albert Einstien, Mr. Georg Ohm, Robert Adams, Floyd Sweet, Peter Lindeman, Thomas Bearden, and Dr. Myron Evans.

The world we see is 3-dimensional. Time is the 4th dimension. Thought (or the mind) is beyond the scope of this explanation of the forces of nature, but it is at least one additional dimension.

All forces react best at 90-degrees and that is why the spacetime continuum is made of four tangent dimensions (at 90-degrees to one another). The energies that intersect at angles less than 90-degrees create lesser forces and interference patterns, like holograms (picture pebbles thrown into water to imagine interference patterns).

To imagine the forth dimension, imagine that you stop seeing the vertical dimension(Y) and instead you see a thin layer like a membrane on top of water, and the up and down is now the time-line. When you make a wave it never breaks, the wave just continues outward. Time-forward energies like Electrons curve up, and time-reversed energies like protons curve down. The bonding force of matter makes the surface tension. The waves try to flatten out, but the perpetually spinning atoms can keep that space-time curved (la battery is a charged mass, a separation of electrons and protons). All of the energy that passes that point as we pass through the 4th dimension radiates various interference patterns and phenomena. That is why any Dipole causes a seemingly infinite harmonic set of bi-directional energy waves. These spread out in all visible directions, but fluctuate only along the forth dimension.

ENERGY IS PROPETUALLY IN MOTION and so are the planets and atoms. That is because everything is the product of relative angular motion in a 4-tangent dimensional spacetime continuum. That means that energy is either spinning between two or more tangent dimensions, or it is traveling on a straight or curved path along one or more dimensions. The energy in between the atoms is referred to as the vacuum or the ether and is chaotic, unpatterned, zero-point energy. The quantity of the energy is limitless. Tapping the zero-point energy means making one or more energy pattern(s) reverberate, which will cause extra energy to follow suit, just like acoustic amplification in a wind instrument or Bose wave-radio. That is how "free-energy", "over-unity machines", "zero-point energy", or "fuel-less generators" really work. No colleges teach this, it is too new, and too simple for many "experts" to believe possible.

The universe is currently expanding at an accelerating rate, so energy curving towards the past contracts. The strong force that binds atoms together is from the proton which is energy spinning toward the past, causing us to only see partial glimpses of the energy waves spiraling backward along the 4th dimension (the time-line) as they enter the proton. This is why it seems to be more of a straight line force, it’s a bundle of partial curves together. The strong atomic bonding force is a visible channel between protons.

The weak force that keeps electrons apart is the repulsive force from the electron, which is a curvature forward in the time-line. The energies that come from that point are repulsive because of centrifugal force. The time-reversed opposite of centrifugal force is centripetal, which is caused by the time-reversed energy of the proton. Energy enters our space from time-forward curvatures, and leaves our point in the time line through reversed curvatures (like protons and blackholes). Electricity conducts between two curvatures in different points along the time line, so one is time-reversed by comparison, and the electrons flow toward the past, as the universe expands. Time-forward curvatures cause heat, and are called "Positive energy". Cold electricity (the new tech) results from "Negative Energy", which is the product of two dissimilar curvatures mostly behind us in the timeline.

Both electrons and protons are energy spinning in all three dimensions at the speed of light (hence spheres), radiating energy in all directions, and traveling through the time line along with all of the rest of the visible matter and energy. It only appears that protons radiate energy but the energy must be traveling in to the proton. This confusion is because we can’t see paths that curve away from our point in time (away from the 3 visible dimensions), just the after-effects. Dark matter is a constant sea of matter traveling the opposite direction in the timeline, only appearing for a moment, seeming to travel beyond light-speed, but still exerting gravity.

Gravity is the result of an amount of matter pulling itself together, to create compressive force toward the center, which curves all energy paths both directions in the 4th dimension. The only remaining dimension for the spinning energy curvatures of the atoms to curve into is the time-line. So the paths of energies travel slightly above and below the neighboring points along the 4th axis, and slightly away from where we can see them. The energies stretch out along the time line and compress in the visible 3 dimensions. Some of the path of the energy is outside of our visible space and the result seems to be a shorter path, and faster velocity. The closer to center-of-gravity, the faster energy moves, hence the inward pull of gravity. The gravity “field” is the area where spacetime tries to even itself out.

Magnetism is an extension of the weak and strong forces. The electron forces spiral around the proton forces and in most materials the forces just even out like balanced atoms do, but when they interact with certain molecules (iron, cobalt, etc), the energies interact. The repulsive electron forces repel when identically spiraled forces combine (north on north, south on south), and the attractive forces dominate when opposite spiraled forces interact. We can assume that the North Pole is right-hand threaded, and obviously the opposite side would spin the opposite way (south=left-hand threaded). The forces of nature are ruled by the right-hand rule. The details require some images. I have the illustrations for the forces of nature but they are 9 pages of images. That is too much to email people.

Nikola Tesla’s radiant waves, longitudinal, and scalar waves (all the same thing) fluctuate only in speed, but radiate in all directions. When they go slower than light, it is curving forward in the time-line (ahead of us), and when they go faster than light, they are curved backward in the 4th dimension (taking a shortcut). These waves must be spinning around the fourth dimension and a visible one (the direction of travel-out from center), with an overall momentum in the outward direction. That creates the pattern we see, like a squiggle from drawing continuous circles in a line, if the up-down represents the fourth dimension (time, which we can’t see), and the left-right is the direction the wave is traveling (out from center). While it is away from our point in time, we only see the after effects of it.

This new knowledge allows us to"...directly engineer spacetime and induce desired changes in matter...the invention uses and applies these more fundamental electromagnetic structures, which constitute curvatures of spacetime capable of directly affecting and changing matter according to the exact pattern and dynamics of the internal structures." (New Patent from Thomas Bearden).

Some proven technologies to produce energy without pollution (technology you can make at home);

Motionless Electromagnetic Generator, Thomas Bearden and associates, uses a magnetic field inside of a magnetic metal core (thick square frame shape), with two small control coils and two larger generator coils with a control circuit. Uses magnetism to tap zero-point energy (the ether, the vacuum between matter). (US Patent #: 006362718)

Magnetic Motor, Howard Johnson, uses magnets on the rotor and stator to drive a standard generator or anything else. Purely magnetic motor.(US Patent #: 004151431, or 004877983, or 005402021)

Tesla Motor, Robert Adams Motor, and others. All use magnetic rotors and coils on the stator to eliminate the spark gap. Nikola Tesla originated this technology, Robert Adams publicized the method for making such a motor produce 3 or more times the power required to start it (and run it. It produces large amounts of extra torque and/or electricity). (US Patent #: 000382279-Tesla, Robert Adams is not patented)

Stanley Meyer. Super Efficient Water/hydrogen fuel cell, uses the microwave frequency which is resonant with H2O, in five step pulses, with current flow prevention, in a capacitor-like shape of cylinders, under vacuum. (US Patent #: 004936961)

Cold Fusion (see UCLA for best results I know of, http://rodan.physics.ucla.edu/pyrofusion/).

This will have been sent to many famous people:
Karl Gebhardt, Joeseph Silk, John Bedini, Michio Kaku, John Kenneth Hutchison, Peter Lindeman, Jean Luis Naudin, Joe Newman, Brian Greene, Thomas Bearden, Leonard Susskind, and Dr. Myron Evans (AIAS) amoung others.

In a letter to J. P. Morgan written in 1904, Tesla stated that he had transmitted a commercial quantity of electric power to Los Angeles with only a 2% loss. Canadian Senator Chesley Carter had conveyed to the Prime Minister further proof of the validity of the result Tesla had reported to J.P. Morgan in 1904. According to Arthur H. Matthews (the last living technician who had personally worked with Nikola Tesla), they transmitted power over a distance of 150 miles with only 2% loss, consistent with the Wardenclyffe result (Long Island, New York).

Did you know that Nikola Tesla invented AC power, AC motors, and fluorescent lights, and got credit for the radio-transmitter in the supreme court instead of Marconi?

If the power was wireless than anyone who was able could build their own reciever.

So instead of free power we all pay power Companies. This of course has always been the whole point.
The following Refers to Thomas Bearden’s site: HTTP://WWW.CHENIERE.ORG/MISC/OULIST.HTM .


It is the best answer to the worlds energy needs. Many patents and test results have shown this. Many scientists still won’t believe this but that is because they were never taught the true source of an energy fields charge.

This is evident because THE COMMON MODEL describes the field as being created by the source charge, but this CONTRADICTS THE CONSERVATION OF ENERGY LAW.
The math must calculate energy conservation in 4-dimensions to attain accurate results.

So you see, the technology we need is here.


We, the undersigned, petition the congress of the United States of America to create a federally and self-funded non-profit organization whose purpose is to serve the public by deploying existing and future PROVEN "Over-Unity" technologies to the public which collect and output excess energy without fuel.

The organization should build, and/or purchase, and/or co-operate with manufacturing facilities and research and development groups to complete final development and begin manufacture of these technologies.

Most importantly, the organization should be guided by the recommendations of the leading scientists in this and relating fields. As of 10-10-2006 some examples of such persons are, Thomas Bearden, John Bedini, Floyd Sweet, Howard Johnson, Robert Adams, and Dr. Myron Evans. These individuals who are greatly responsible for the current level of free-energy technologies are in position to know very well how these technologies can best benefit mankind.

After all, as the mission statement for this non-profit organization must state, the future well-being of Human Kind must be the primary factor in all decisions that affect society in government and business.

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