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If you're a fan of the new series of Doctor Who, shown on the BBC Channels, then you might be aware of the song recorded for the tenth Doctor, played by David Tennant.

Aired on the episodes "Christmas Invasion" and "Doomsday", 'Song for ten' is composed, performed and produced by Murray Gold, and sung by Tim Phillips.

However, on the CD Soundtrack version, Neil Hannon sings an extended version of this song. This single is met with many bad reviews by fans worldwide, who are dissatisfied as to why the TV airing could not be extended with the same composition and singer.

So that is what this petition is for: to bring back the TV version of 'Song for ten' shown on Dr. Who but as a full single available for download or purchase!

We, the viewers, would like the ORIGINAL VERSION of 'song for ten' which was aired on the TV series "Doctor Who" to be available as a single.

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