Baltimore City Liquor Board Commissioners
United States of America

I write this letter in full support of the Pool Barge Tiki Bar located at Baltimore Harborview Marine Center. It has been a true oasis in the middle of Baltimore where people can experience the uniqueness of the Inner Harbor and enjoy the atmosphere that has been created there.

I must commend Bud Craven and his staff for running a first class operation, paying attention to every last detail. The security is impeccable and the Pool Barge Tiki Bar is run in an orderly manner, kept very clean and has a very dedicated and committed staff that really makes it a pleasure to be there. Where else can you experience something like this in Baltimore?

The Pool Barge Tiki Bar is a much welcomed addition to the Inner Harbor, one that brings jobs, revenue and tourism to Baltimore City. Please see this gem for what it is and do not let a very few disgruntled people ruin it for the thousands of people who will enjoy it year after year.

Thank you!

WE, the undersigned residents and/or neighbors and/or customers and/or business persons in the area surrounding the pool barge tiki bar at Harborview, 1221 Key Highway, by our names submitted on this Petition, do hereby request the Board of Liquor License Commissioners for Baltimore City to allow the continuation of use of the pool barge tiki bar as we feel that it is an excellent addition to the downtown Inner Harbor community and it provides a much needed amenity to the area and to the marina which has several hundred boats and is a community all on its own and it is not adjacent to the residential community and in fact is at the end of the marina dock and provides an amenity, long needed in the thriving downtown waterfront area.

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