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To whom this may concern,
As a content creator, I feel as if it’s time to stand up for myself and speak the truth. Tuesday the 6th of October my account @Jacintamariexo was permanently banned. For what reason you ask? Violating multiple guidelines. Now if you are someone that has been watching my videos only recently or for a long time, you would know that my videos are extremely g rated. Tik tok is a social media platform that is used by all sorts of age groups therefore I showed the consideration to make my content g rated.

First community guideline is dangerous individuals and organisations. I can honestly say with my content of dancing and plus size fashion, there is no chance I’ve violated that one.

Illegal activities and regulated goods, I would never promote criminal activities. My platform was positive and that is a very negative act.

Violent and graphic content: and again I was literally just dancing and posting plus size fashion videos. I do not believe it was violent or graphic.

Suicide/ self harm and dangerous acts: I’ve never mentioned suicide on my platform as it is a very triggering topic for many people.

Hate speech: I do not hate on anyone but I do receive a lot of hate... for being fat! Which I believe is extremely disrespectful on my behalf. I would never hate on someone for dancing and living their life. All
Bodies are beautiful bodies and deserve to be treated equally.

Harassment and bullying: I would never ever harass or bully anyone. I have an extremely positive platform which was made to bring people up and make them feel good about themselves, not bring them down. If you watched my content you would know I am extremely positive.

Adult nudity and sexual activities: I am always fully dressed in every single one of my videos. If I wear a crop top, my videos would always get taken down which I believe is so wrong. Tik tok is extremely fataphobic and it needs to stop. We are all equal and deserve to make content no matter what size we are!

Minor safety: my content was always g rated and I never swore or did anything offensive what would effect minors.

Please help me out by sharing this petition and signing it! Hopefully tik tok will see this and restore my account!

Hi everyone,
Over the past 11 days I have sent multiple emails and appeals about my account @Jacintamariexo to tik tok, which is permanently banned. It has been 11 days now and I haven’t heard anything back. As a content creator, I made sure my content was extremely appropriate and g rated for my younger followers. My account consisted of dancing, plus size fashion and posting about body positivity to which I was always fully dressed. According to tik tok, I violated multiple community guidelines however I do not believe this is the case. I have read through the community guidelines and I do not post anything offensive, I’m always fully dressed therefore there is no nudity on my page, I do not swear nor am I racist in any way. But if the case was that I did violate community guidelines, as a business, can you please point me in the right direction and I am happy to take everything on board and fix it for the future.
My account was banned with over 110k followers. I have had my account since October last year so it has taken me a long time to get where I was. Hopefully we can get enough people to sign this!

Thank you so much
Jacinta Dichiera


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