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For several years now, Certain worlds within the Tibia world have been corrupt by the abuse of Power guilds. The guilds are at the top, With to many members for anyone to remove from power.

The guilds in question usually power level the characters using illegal software that causes an un-fair advantage. And even the world build for paying customers, is over run by the above mentioned .

We are asking all players of the Tibia world to sign, To make CipSoft see that this is not one isolated issue, And to make sure that some thing is done about it. One example would be to create a guild reputation system, Based on the amount of Player Kills a guild has per member. The higher the kills the lower the reputation and the more sever punishment , As an example higher prices at all shops.

Sign this to show your support. Sign this to show that you have had enough of being abused by large groups, that have no interest in playing, But more interest in bulling the world of Tibia.

Thank you for reading.

P.s Please note the suggestion above is not the only one. Please leave a comment with you thoughts.

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