Director Alan Risenhoover
United States of America

The National Marine Fisheries Service recently released their proposed rules to comply with NEPA. The rules as proposed are fundamentally flawed and we are asking NMFS to re-write the rules.

The rules potentially place strong limitations to public comment and create unnessary forms in an effort to provide environmental review.

I'm deeply concerned about the impact of your agency's fishery management decisions on ocean ecosystems.

I believe that strong environmental review is critical to the health of our oceans. The National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) has made it possible to protect thousands of square miles of deep sea coral formations, save the lives of endangered sea turtles and begin rebuilding of depleted fish populations.

Unfortunately your agency's proposed NEPA rule hands over too much authority to fishery management councils that have a long history of poor management, significantly limits the public's ability to participate in fishery management decisions, and allows fishery managers to make decisions about fishing without fully considering the impacts on marine ecosystems including sea turtles, seals, corals and other precious ocean life.

Please withdraw this flawed NEPA proposal and craft a new one that will ensure protection of our ocean ecosystems. Our oceans are in trouble. I've seen in my own life how decades of mismanagement have degraded the oceans. It's time for our nation's fisheries managers to make better decisions by fully understanding the consequences of fishing on marine ecosystems.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

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