#Children's Rights
Chief Justice of Pakistan Asif Saeed Khosa

President Donald Trump is really concerned about vaccine safety that maybe causes autism. President Vladimir Putin recently reiterated the importance of vaccination because he was concerned about missing days at work. The fact that this issue appears in news recently means it can be debated on. Why should our toddlers get injections? Bill Gates through Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation frequently talks about polio vaccination. Other celebrities also join in in stopping diseases and the spread of diseases through vaccination. What do they know! Injections are eventually harmful. Can everyone try to climb K-2? However, doctors maintain such a clout that this issue is never debated. It is a health issue and should be taken up. Diseases are caused by rubbish in the city and should be dealt with easily by cleaning the mess. It is no use instituting injections. My own niece got night terrors. Let me reiterate on injections.

Everything keeps its level. When you mine gold, it keeps a level is it the level of the mountain it is mined from or just its own level? It could be that the gold world over is connected and so all the gold keeps a level and maybe the level that it is gold standard. You need the premise everything is connected for a predetermined world. Look now, all the other gold that has been mined keeps its level just by virtue of the periodic table that it has a certain number of electrons and protons and all the gold that has not been mined keeps its level just by virtue that it stands behind the back of the gold standard. Similarly living things also keep a level which is why we study characteristics of a group of living beings in Biology. Specially, fish keeps its level. Now if fungus is injected into us like the class algae and fungi we have to keep that level until we expire because fungus would keep its level and cannot keep the level fungi for us for we do not empirically transform into fungi-like organisms. But one thing to consider is just as fungi keeps its level, do we humans also keep our level and it is a case of transitional identity, one moment we have identity and the next moment we do not have? These blips in identity is problematic.

Why is everything connected? Everything is connected because the world is a hierarchy or the world is dominos.

If everything keeps its level and if everything is connected it helps to explain domino effect (in/ on levels). Plagues and epidemics are a level. If you connect all the levels or connect all the levels against them they will vanish (I think.) (because the domino effect will vanish?). But these (plagues) are rightly natural disasters when the nature does not permit change or deterioration in values(?) or is simply sorting change (in the world for the betterment of the world) and considers them a closed class. But plagues must be a vicious level that can only fight human levels not fungus and not algae which is an eligible fight. Change brings in another level to the system that might not be salubrious. This particular change might be cancelling hierarchy which is levels (There is a hierarchy between levels (ok.) but they are arranged like dominos in a two-way effect (is it possible like for instance for levels to be arranged like dominos?) and the plague might wipe it (‘change’ ie level) because it is harming civilization in a so-called battle. The battle of civilization wipes away a level and drop a few dominos. It starts the domino effect but it stops somewhere. Somewhere healthy. Because the world must have the moon and the (sun?) (nothing can happen to the sun hopefully :). The Sun god. Good news that :). The injections stand you on your head. If you adopt the change (the hazardous or harmful change) and the plague cannot wipe you clean (your slate clean and make you into someone dead!) because the fungus is one level more (in the world and one level more than humans and their wider classification) which does not harness the plague, you’re doomed to fight your whole life against a civilization much bigger than you and much too powerful. If you don’t like it (the fight—) or don’t like the civilization what can you do? With injection you’re guaranteed success but all success. You do not die but you become a scavenger of food like an animal for the rest of your life.

If you are lucky never to be attacked by a plague but get an injection its a whole level. Your child who got the injection can get night terror if nothing worse. Somnabulence.

What is worse is likely a whole deteriorated being.

It is up for debate whether the injections fungus, virus give a sleep to our tracker gene. The tracker gene tracks the tasks. When a tracker gene goes to sleep, all genes will close ie shut down. When genes shut down it is no longer hereditary choices for individuals so this is gene therapy or rather mixing and munching on genes.

I believe muscles knock our body (this is their role; hikmat (Urdu) / ayurvedic ). There is a knock coming from them from the muscles like if we are tired and the body needs to know (and the muscles would perform that task and deliver the relevant message). When we inject injections in the muscles they think they are protected and are jobless. Why do they think they are protected because when muscles are pinched (very injection needle) that’s a protection gesture (anyhows) of the body for them. So, after being pinched muscles definitely are affected ie after that, they leave function.

Injections first spread inside the muscles and then inside the blood because injections are protozoans single cells species and form chains something like chain reactions. Once they are locked inside the blood they go back and spread inside the muscles. Back and forth. They backtrack because after two organs the body is locked (my personal iteration). Fungi live on dead matter so the muscles and blood count in our body will zoom dead matter and our kids will be zombies. They will like guns and all the gun culture. Sorry.

Backtrack: If everything keeps its level and fungus in human body spreads to a non desired level it will hinder plagues. If plagues are stopped the World Health Organization argues or rather injections are mandatory to facilitate an opportunity available to everyone which is essentially a middle class world. Now the privileged can be asked to sacrifice on their privileges ie money wealth (standard of living?) but not health. This is unwarranted and thankless.

Now injections are mandatory in U.K. and the doctors assume a role inundating all, some, everyone just like the recent videos viral in Pakistan which resulted in bloodshed and fights. A doctor bragged about a lawyer party / clients and showed them a** and viralled that video. We tolerate them (/doctors) not because we need them but because they wield power. Unwarranted. Unsuitable. Useless in them. Too much power. The society needs a balance and a new perch to decide on and also to again decide about doctors. Anyhow the injections are wrongful and just because euthanasia is wrong so is elongating someone’s life to the harm of others even if different cultures ie civilization and very different money because when you elongate life through vaccination it is evil. We can understand different cultures through philosophy. Through philosophy and through old black and white photographs of plagues’ area we constantly get a feeling that plagues are from God Above. Anyhow, we should stop injections in our own country. — Pakistan. As the fore bearer of success and warm wishes.

The universe constantly has healing powers. When there is a clash of civilizations, there will be an epidemic. What does Frederic Nietzsche think? “There are no facts, only interpretations.” He believes in will. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger.“ He is against suffering but not really. “To live is to suffer, to survive is to find some meaning in the suffering.” Suffer can even be plagues.

The whole philosophy is against flouting genius. Frederic Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Voltaire, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, Hobbes, Immanuel Kant. Who wants injections?

According to Albert Camus, ‘The purpose of a writer is to keep civilization from destroying itself’. If we take injections and stop the clash from jigsaw destroying itself with epidemic we probably harm something or someone even a civilization can be destroyed.

In some ways injections are Arthur Shaupenhaur philosophy but on another level they fail. They put too much of a burden on us as to cancel whole of our lives. Injections can be given, it is a viable experiment but they destroy life as a second side effect. There is no immediate bodily harm but long term consequences.

Arthur Shaupenhaur: “Truth that has been merely learned is like an artificial limb, a false tooth, a waxen nose; at best, like a nose made out of another’s flesh; it adheres to us only because it is put....” When I say injections are Arthur Shaupenhaur I mean injections don’t blend into us....

Injections and allopathy are fishy and they fail just like the artist in Russian writer Nicolai Gogol’s The Portrait. You copy someone’s portrait just to become famous but you will realise karma one day. Doctors in allopathy are cut and paste....

We are frightened of polio but poor people get them diseases. This is an egalitarian world and who knows??

How is Alexander Fleming’s experiment simply pasting from a clipboard because there is no understanding of the issue and no innovations. Injections really are necessary if there is too much evil dirt on our streets but we can clean them. And know the them injections!

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