Levi Strauss & Co.

We have been wearing clothes for a long time and ever since the first clothing was made there have been people advertizing on it. Why should we the people advertize for these companies. They should either pay us or go without. It's unfair to think that we should pay for our clothes and then also advertize for them. How many of you right now look down and see Nike, Levi, or some other high power company's logo on your clothing, a lot of you right. Now, how many of you can say your gettting a check in the mail for the advertizing, not that many of you right. So, I say end this unfair, rip off of a deal, and say pay us or we're taking it off!

We the undersigned want to be payed to advertize for the high power companies who put their logos on our clothes. We have to pay for the clothes so we want to be payed for the advertizing. We demand this now: pay us or we're taking it off!

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