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Personally I Think The Way They Tried To Balance Male Majins In Xenoverse 2 Was Very Bad And I Would've Balance Them Out In A Differentt way Instead Of Them Taking Alot Of Damage At Low Stamina They Could Make It like This. Give Them The Lowest Damage In Basic Attack And Strike Supers And Ki Supers Out Of All The CAC's Make Their Stamina Regeneration If They Wanted To Go Further Slower Make Them Slower Plus If They Really Cared About Balancing Things Out In The Game Earthlings Would've Automatic Ki Regeneration The Frieza Race Would've Have The Most Broken Awoken Skill In The Whole Game Kaioken Blue Goku Would've Infinite Burst Dash And Probably Many Other Overpowered Things In This Game I Didn't Mention

It Would Be Really Appreciated If You Signed This Petition Because I think If We Work Together We Can Make This Happen

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