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Numerous studies have shown that one way or the other, we are all affected by the bill. The population that is affected with the implementation of the Therapist Bill are; people from the rural areas, ethnic minorities, LGBT, handicapped, elderly, low income, people with criminal charges, social status, children, IDD, gender, and other. Opponents of the therapist bill stated that this bill was enacted in order to deny rights to the LGBT communities, while people in support, believed that therapists should be able to follow their “sincerely held religious beliefs” (Hallowell, 2016).

"We, the Social workers, Case Managers, and counselors, call on to the Governor of Tennessee and other State Representatives to eliminate this bill. The issue at stake –Therapist Bill (Senate Bill 1556) “the right to choose or refuse clients” is the paper I am currently working on. I know you stated that the bill allows social workers, counselors, therapists, or professional that helps a client reach their goals to turn away clients based on the practitioners’ “sincerely held principles,” a move criticized by professional organizations and LGBT-rights groups alike. I understand that you want to protect social workers or any professional, but the problem is that this bill will allow licensed social workers or counselors in private practice to use their own religious beliefs as an excuse for terminating care or referring away clients because of moral objections to how they identify these clients.

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